This method utilises static force to install piles. The force for pile installation is exerted from hydraulic jacks that attain their reaction from counter weights placed on the piling frame with a safe working load of 13 ton to 50 ton. The total weight of the piling frame and counter weights is in excess of twice the working load of the desired pile so that all piles can be jacked to set with a factor-of-safety of two.

Advantages of the System
1. Silent & Vibration free operation
2. Every pile is statically load-tested
3. Continuous monitoring of jack force
4. Suit low headroom & confined workplace
5. Every pile is statically load-tested

Static / Kentledge Pile Load Test
The design of the machine is such that it can easily adapted for load holding. After a pile is jacked to set, a load holding test can be performed for a given duration to check for pile settlement, hence load bearing capacity of the pile can be verified easily.

When a maintained load test is required according to BS8004 standard, a separate load test jack can be inserted between the machine and the test pile.The machine will act as conventional kentledge system to perform the load holding test.

Using counter weights for static / kentledge pile load test, will be neat and more accurate compare to conventional concrete block.

Counter weights stack on Jack-In
Piling Machine
Counter weights stack on base

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